$5 off Ugly Sweater Palette. Use code: Ugly Sweater!
$5 off Ugly Sweater Palette. Use code: Ugly Sweater!
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Our Story


When I first embarked on this journey into entrepreneurship, I had no idea where I was going. I over- manufactured products and under delivered experience. I was of the mindset that if you make good products, people will buy. Boy, not only was I wrong but by the end of 2016 I was sitting on thousands of dollars worth of product, with no idea of who would buy it. 

I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit. When I was nine, I would braid people's hair and charge them between $20-$40 dollars. everybody in the neighborhood, even grown people, came to me to do their hair. I'd rack up enough to even buy school clothes.

Cache Appeal™ was born out of my passion for makeup. I remember growing up, wearing Maybelline dream moose™ in the color ivory. I'd cover my face so thickly, that transfer would be everywhere-- my locker, books, pencils... YOU NAME IT.

I wanted to create a fun brand with lots of color for the bold yet subtle and chic for the traditional. I really took the time to create an experience for the #cachettes that allowed them to express their differences and get down to creative business. This line is not just for the experts, but all the beginners too.


Future Mrs. Williams 💛💘