Cache´ is a brand that is not afraid to break the rules. Why? Because we rule. Along with our Cache´ Queens & Kings, we seek to build a nation of those who break the makeup rules.

Who says makeup is only for the girlie girls? Not us. In the Cache´ Queendom, makeup is for EVERYONE. From the girlie girl to the beautifully handsome; The divas as well as the divos.  Cache´ is committed to shining the crowns of all Cache´ Queens & Kings. IN THAT ORDER. 

EARTH-FRIENDLY PRACTICES The Cache´ brand promotes honesty and integrity for customers both morally & ethically. Because of that we choose not to test on animals and assure that our ingredients are transparent for each individual item.

INCLUSIVE CULTURE & PRODUCTS Cache´ promotes love and individuality for all our Cache´ Queens & Kings. We have nothing but love for each person regardless of race, gender, religion, color or creed. We respect ALL.